CMD Coupling experienced major successes in 2016 in Steel Industry.
Attached picture : a Flexident Senior S870 gear coupling, for a rolling mill drive.

Rated torque : 7 250 000 Nm, shaft diameter 820 mm, weight 19 300 kgs.

It was here necessary to involve all CMD Coupling team energy, as the specifications had to be determined in order to upgrade an installation whose features had sensitively evolved since the origin.

Thus, a huge involvement of the coupling divison of our Design Department was necessary, in order to adapt this coupling design to the specific conditions of the site, then a manufacture by the Cambrai factory, and to finish a CMD Assistance service when commissioning.

For such big couplings, using our machines dedicated to gearbox manufacture is necessary.

It is necessary to remind, indeed, that Cambrai factory is partly dedicated to the manufacture of couplings (a 5,000 m2 surface for part diameter up to 1 m) and to gearbox manufacture as well (a 20,000 m2 surface for part diameter up to 4.5 m).

The whole Steel Industry production chain requires couplings, from ore production, up to final product storage stage, and CMD plays a role in the whole process.

On transporters, mills, dryers, mixers, on agglomeration chain, on conveyors, on continuous metal pouring process, on rollerways, on rolling mills, on shears, on rewinders, on lifting and handling means.

Many alternatives : couplings equipped with spacers, discs, brake drums, measurement and/or torque limiting systems, shiftable couplings, and generally in accordance with customer specifications, constitute CMD daily reality.

The Flexident Z range, complying with Steel Industry standard S45604A. is compatible per half coupling with SECIM and Comelor SID range.

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