CMD, French leader on mechanical strength transmission market

CMD company, created by André Citroën, joined CIF Bussy Group in 2005. The company is more than 100 years old, and is a French pioneer in big size rotating mechanical machines. It had already worked out, in the 20’s, a range of flexible metallic couplings.

This revolutionary technology remains a Must for applications of high torque, or depending on a difficult environment: two fields where elastomer features remain inadequate, and where Flexacier® is THE reference.

Thanks to the width of this range, CMD is the world leader in metallic flexible coupling.

This supremacy is completed by Flexident® gear coupling range. CMD also manufacturing gearboxes, the machines allow big size coupling manufacture (Ø up to 4500 mm). The developing department dedicated to couplings works out solutions meeting customer technical requirements, with the most sophisticated designs.

Choosing to maintain production in France, while remaining competitive, thanks to the most modern production means, offers a guaranty for responsiveness and quality.

CMD, more than a century of experience

Citroën Gear creation


Citroën Gears created by André Citroën.

Messian Gearbox creation


Cambrai site is created by Robert Messian for his gearbox activity.

Durand Gearbox creation


Paul Durand sets up its company in Nevers.

Citroën-Messian merger


Merger between Citroën gears and Messian gearboxes.

Citroën-Messian-Durand merger


Citroën-Messian takes over Durand company, and becomes CMD.

CMD joins Groupe CIF


CMD joins Groupe CIF.

CMD, a recognized and certified quality.

Committed in always meeting its customer’s requirements, and conscious of being responsible for its staff, its customers, as well as for the environment, CMD enjoy ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for its integrated management system for quality and environment protection.

CMD is committed in a PRISM action in order to get OHSAS 18001 certification (health and safety at work Management) as well as ISO 5001 certification (energy Management).

Please click hereunder to view the certification documents.
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 14001 Certificate
OSHAS 18001 Certificate
ISO 50001 Certificate

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